Business Personal Property

2024 Business Personal Property Valuation Schedule

2024 Business Personal Property Classification Guide

If you are a business operating within Uintah County you should have received an annual Personal Property Tax Online Filing Notice in the mail. Please complete the form by accessing the online system using the account number and password located on the notice you received in the mail. The statement must be completed in detail and filed with the Assessor's Office by May 15, 2024.

As required by Utah Statute 59-2-306, please declare all personal property owned, claimed, possessed, controlled, or managed by you at this location as of January 1, 2024. All filings are subject to audit.
All business information must be updated, therefore, indicate personal property acquired and disposed of during 2023 as well as leased or rented equipment. Please round all values to the nearest dollar (ex: $24.56 rounds to $25).
Important note: A business with an aggregate taxable value of $28,400 or less, may be exempt from Personal Property Tax. This exemption applies to the total value of all Personal Property owned and / or used by your business in Uintah County. If you have more than one business location in the county under the same business ownership, the exemption is applicable only if the total value of all property owned by such entity is less than $28,400. Your application for exemption may only be considered with a completed signed statement using the system found above. Failure to submit a signed statement on or before May 15, 2024 may result in a forfeiture of your application for exemption.
Online Payment and Fees:
Credit/Debit Card: We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Your credit card account will be charged a fee of 2.5% of the payment ($2.50 minimum). Uintah County does not retain any of this fee, rather it is collected by the processing entity. 
Electronic Check: Electronic checks are processed from your Checking or Savings account. A flat fee of $0.75 will be charged to process this kind of tax payment.