What is the job of the County Assessor?

What is real property?

What is personal property?

How do you determine the value for my property?

How can the value of my property keep increasing if i have not done anything to it?

Why should I be penalized for somebody else paying a high price for a home in my neighborhood?

How can my property increase in value if it is getting older?

Will my value increase every year?

I have an older home in an area where they are building new homes. How will this affect my property value?

I just purchased my property, why have you valued it for more than I paid for it?

Do you visit each home in the County?

If you didn't increase my market value, why did my taxes increase?

How are tax rates set for my property?

Where does my property tax money go?

How do I calculate my real property tax?

What if I disagree with the market value placed on my property?

When I get my tax valuation notice in July, how do I file an appeal?