Step 1: LOCATE THE RECORD KEEPER. Find the department responsible for the record you are seeking. If possible go to that office and ask to inspect the record, which can be done at no charge. A formal written request is not needed is you are able to view the record at the same time the verbal request is made.

Step 2: MAKE A WRITTEN REQUEST. If the record is not immediately available fill out, print, sign and date a written request form (GRAMA.pdf). Write the request as precisely as possible. For example, a record about a marriage license should be directed to the Clerk-Auditor and include as much information as possible to identify the document requested. You may set a ceiling on the amount you will pay for your request. Click here for more information on the Government Records Access and Management Act.

Step 3: WAIT FOR A RESPONSE. The department records officer must respond within 10 working days unless a reason for delay is cited. An expedited request may be made by the public or press if the request benefits the public rather than the person. Expedited requests must be filed within 5 working days. the County may respond by one of the following:

  • Approving the request and providing the record.
  • Denying the request.
  • Notifying you that it does not maintain the record and providing, if known, the name and address of the governmental entity that does maintain the record.
  • Notifying you that because of extraordinary circumstances, it cannot immediately deny the request. The County must cite reasons, which could include:
  • The County, another agency, or some other governmental entity is currently and actively using the record requested.
  • The record requested is for either a voluminous quantity of records or requires the County to review a large number of records of perform extensive research to located the materials requested.
  • The County is currently processing either a large number of records requests or is subject to extraordinary seasonal workloads in the process of other work.
  • The request involves an analysis of legal issues to determine the proper response to the request.

When the County cannot respond to a record request within the time frames provided, you will be given an estimate of the time required to respond to your request.

If your request is denied or the office fails to respond within the allowed time frames, there is an appeals process. For further information contact the Uintah County Clerk / Auditor's office at (435) 781-5360.