Absentee Voting & Application

Utah Code reference 20A-3-304

How can I vote If I will Be Out Of Town On Election Day?
If you are registered to vote and will not be able to vote in person at your polling place, you may vote by absentee ballot. Please allow plenty of time for mailing, especially if you will be in another state or foreign country. Please be reminded that the returned ballot must be postmarked before election day.

(1) As used in this section, "absent elector" means a person who:

(a) is physically, emotionally, or mentally impaired;
(b) will be serving as an election judge or who has election duties in another voting precinct;
(c) a person who is detained or incarcerated in a jail or prison cannot vote. 20A-2-101.5
(e) is prevented from voting in a particular location because of religious tenents or other strongly-held personal values;
(f) is called for jury duty in state or federal court; or
(g) otherwise expects to be absent from the voting precinct on election day.

(2) A registered voter who is or will be an absent elector may file an absentee ballot application with the appropriate election officer for an official absentee ballot.

Please mail your absentee ballot application to:

Uintah County Clerk/Auditor 
147 East Main
Vernal, Utah 84078