Ashley Valley Watershed Project


Project Information
The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), with assistance of Uintah County and Ashley Central Irrigation Company as the project sponsors, is proposing improvements within the Ashley Valley Watershed. 

Several improvements are being proposed:
1. The construction of two large debris/detention basins for the Coal Mine and Yellow Hills sub basins to provide storage for debris and stormwater during large storm and flash flood events protecting residents, homes, properties, roadways, buildings, and businesses.
2. Piping 9.6 miles of the Ashley Central Canal including the pressurization of 6.3 miles of the canal.
3. The construction of three miles of recreation trails for bike and pedestrian use, giving access to educational, recreational, and business facilities nearby.

Improvements under consideration will address flood protection, watershed protection, agricultural water management, and public recreation development. An evaluation of potential alternatives and associated environmental impacts is required and will be documented in the form of an Environmental Assessment. NRCS and Uintah County are holding a public meeting to provide information about the proposed project and to collect comments.

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How to Submit a Comment
At this time, NRCS is requesting comments on the project to identify issues and resource sensitivities. Written or emailed comments can be submitted during the open comment period starting May 9, 2019.
All comments should be directed to:
Marcus Murdock - The Langdon Group
466 North 900 West, Kaysville, Utah 84037
(435) 213-2872