Board of Adjustment

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 The purpose of the Board of Adjustment is to hear and decide appeals from County Commission decisions and variances from provisions or requirements of the  zoning code, as set forth in Title 17 of the Uintah County Code.   Chapter 17.13   of the Uintah County Code should be consulted for more information on Board of Adjustment jurisdiction and processes. 

The board also considers applications, applicant's comments, and public comments at a hearing, and then evaluates and approves or denies the application.

Public Notice
 The Board of Adjustment meets on an as needed basis. Meetings will be scheduled as applications are received. When an application is received the meeting will be noticed in accordance with State and County Codes.
July 2, 2020 Board of Adjustment - Agenda**Public Hearing via live stream - County Home page / public notices / live stream**

**In order for the Agenda to be interactive Internet Explorer needs to be used**

 Board of Adjustment Meeting Minutes

 Name   Term Expires                  
 Rick Bell                                  December 31, 2022
 Richard Jolley  December 31, 2020
 Dave Chivers  December 31, 2021
 Eric Hunting  December 31, 2020
 Susan Horrocks  December 31, 2020
 Alternates  Term Expires                
 Dana Roberts  December 31, 2020
 Open Position  December 31, 2022