Building Inspections Header

 To request an  inspection call (435)781-5336  with the following information:
  • Permit Number(s)
  • Address
  • Property Owner
  • Type of Inspection                                                                                                 
It is the responsibility of the permit holder or their authorized agent to obtain all required inspections. Please provide at least 24 hours notice for your inspection. We  will do our best to schedule the inspection on the following work day. Inspections will not be performed without required permits. The job location must be clearly marked with the address and the permit number clearly visible from the road. The approved building plans must be on the job site.  

 Below is a list of typical Inspections that may be required for your building

(This list is not exhaustive)

1- Construction Power Inspection
Pedestal or meter base shall be installed with weather proof GFCI outlets in  place and ready to be energized.
2- Footing/Setback Inspection
ALL Property corners shall be correctly marked with a lath and ribbon  and shall be visible.
3- Lowest Floor Elevation (flood areas)
In flood hazard areas, upon placement of the lowest floor, including the  basement, and prior to future vertical construction, the elevation certification  shall be submitted to the Building Official verifying  final elevation of the floor.
4- Foundation Inspection
*Manufactured homes in parks require a tie down inspection after  footing foundation or stand systems are in place and home is set.  Double wide homes will include a marriage line lag inspection as well.
5- Weather-proofing Basement Walls
Weather-proofing shall be applied on the exterior of the foundation wall from  top of footing to top of grade.
6- Concrete Slab and Under-floor Inspection
Concrete slab and under-floor inspection shall be made after in-slab or  under-floor reinforcing steel and building service equipment, conduit, piping  accessories and other ancillary equipment items are in place, but before any  concrete is placed or floor sheeting installed, including sub-floor.
7- Roof Inspection
Roof decking nailed off with roof underlayment/flashing and ice shield in  place, prior to the installation of shingles.
8- Exterior sheeting/ sheer Inspection
Exterior sheeting nailing inspection required prior to covering with any  exterior weather barriers or systems
9- Weather barrier, lath or brick flashing Inspection
Stucco requires a lath inspection & brick requires a flashing inspection prior  to covering. All other exterior covering require a exterior weather resistive  barrier inspection prior to covering.
10- Frame/ 4-way Inspection
Framing/4-way inspection shall be made after the roof deck or sheeting, all  framing, fire blocking and bracing are in place and pipes, chimneys and  vents to be concealed are complete and the rough electrical, plumbing  tested, heating ducts, gas pipes are tested and approved. The home shall be  completely dried in from the weather and all exterior weather barriers  installed flashed and sealed per manufactures installation requirements for  the products being used.
11- Energy Efficiency Inspections (insulation)
Inspections shall be made to determine compliance with the IRC Chapter 11  and shall include, but not be limited to, inspections for: envelope insulation R  and U value, duct system R value, HVAC and water-heating equipment  efficiency. A ladder shall be provided for inspection of the attic.
12- Drywall Inspection
Prior to taping of drywall, the nailing/screw pattern, and type of drywall shall  be verified and approved by the Building Inspector when there is living space  above the garage or there are required fire separations in townhomes and/or  two family dwellings.
13- Final Inspection
The final inspection shall be made after all work required by the  Building Permit is completed. You will be required to provide the  inspector with a ladder for attic access where applicable.

 No building or structure shall be used or occupied until the Building Official has issued a Certificate of  Occupancy.