Utah Recorders Standards


Utah Recorders Standards

The Uintah County Recorder may adopt policies and procedures governing the office of the Uintah County Recorder that do not conflict with Utah Code Section 17-21 or the rules made by the County Recorder Standards Board under Utah Code Section 63C-30-202. (Utah Code 17-21-1(4))

The Utah Association of County Recorders created a Standards Committee on December 19th, 2022. The UAC Recorders Standards Committee determines best practices, prepares standards, and presents them for approval by a majority of the Association members. Standards receiving a 75% approval by a quorum of the Utah Association of County Recorders members become a standard of the Association.

The County Recorder Standards Board was created by the State Legislature on May 3rd, 2023. (63C-30-201) The County Recorder Standards Board makes rules that establish statewide standards for county recorders to eliminate inconsistencies and promote uniformity throughout the state with respect to services provided by a county recorder. (63C-30-202) 30-202)

Utah Recorders Standard Committee 
Title UACR Date
State Adopted Date
County Recorders Standards Enforcement Letter      
Blended Notary Methods 04-28-2023 Recording - 1  August 2023
Title to Real Property Held in Trust 04-28-2023 Processing - 1 September 2023
Name Discrepancies – Individuals 04-28-2023 Processing - 2  August 2023
Name Discrepancies- Trust 04-28-2023 Processing - 3  August 2023
Name Discrepancies- Entities 04-28-2023 Processing - 4  August 2023
Affidavit of Correction
  Processing - 1  
Indexing Property Records
  Processing - 5  
Joint Tenancy – Spousal Designation and Presumption
  Processing - 1  

These standards are all initially created by a committee with members of the UACR and members of the ULTA as a collaboration to find the solutions to common issues and create consistency amongst all parties involved.  Once both the UACR and the ULTA have approved a the standard created by the committee it is sent to the County Recorder Standards Board made up from various members representing parties involved with real property recordings and overseen by the Utah Department of Commerce division of professional Licensing.  The Board reviews the standards and makes any adjustments before approving them as a state wide standard.


Members of the County Recorder Standards Board:

County Recorder Standards Board members

* Rashelle Hobbs - Board Chair
( Recorder 1-2 Class Counties)

* Chad Montgomery - Board Vice Chair
(Recorder 3-6 Class Counties)

* Shelley Brennan
(Utah Association of Counties)

* Robert Hartshorn
(Property Rights Coalition)

* Ryan Allred
(Utah Council of Land Surveyors)

* Paul Newton
(Utah Land Title Association)

* Gage Zobell
(Utah Mining/Landmen)

* Ben Stanley 
(Utah State Bar/Utah Association of Counties)

* Kreg Wagner
(State Bar/Utah Realtors)

Non Voting DOPL Members:  

* Mark Steinagel
(DOPL Division Director)

* Allison Pulisipher - Board Secretary
(DOPL Staff)


Members of the Standards Committee:

UACR Standards Committee Members
*Andrea Allen - Chair (Utah County) *Jason Monroe - UACR President (Sevier County)
*Gary Christen (Washington County) *Brenda McDonald (Uintah County)
*Brenda Nelson (Morgan County) *Jerry Houghton (Tooele County)
*Courtland Ashton (Cottonwood Title) *Jeff Barnes (First American Title)
*Chad Montgomery - Non Voting (Box Elder County) *Shelley Brennan - Non Voting (Duchesne County)