More Info/Forms

Downloadable Forms:

Spotlight Permits are valid for 6 months pas the issue date and cost $10.  Please download the form and come in to apple.  Hunting permit number will help if you have one.  A background will be completed before permits are issued.
Spolight Rules Rules

Background checks: We do Utah criminal history **Background checks** . Cost is $15 cash or check, applicant must have state issued picture identification and fill out required forms to complete the request.

National or other states criminal history must be requested through Bureau of Criminal Identification at [(801) 965-4445](tel:(801)965-4445 and can go to their website:
We also do backgrounds for LDS missions or visa applications. They will need to come to the office with picture id.

Property and Weapon Release: Below are the forms to request property/evidence release.  The top portion needs filled out and submitted for different approvals.  Guns may take a longer period of time to get back due to ATF trace and background checks that have to be completed and approved from arresting officers and County Attorney's Office.  Property taken as evidence can also take a long time and will not be released until 30 days after sentencing but form  can be filled out and turned in any time.
Property RElease Form Non Weapon
Firearm Release Form

GRAMA: Government Records Access:  The charge for GRAMA requests is based on the time it takes to prepare the request.  Pleae fill out the form and submit it. The Sheriff Office has 10 business days to reply.  Payment must be accepted before the records are released.
Grama Form 

Search and Rescue applications: Forms filled out and returned to Chief Deputy Ed Spann.
Search adn Rescue Application

Ride Along Program: Forms need filled out and turned into one of the Patrol Sergeants, and can be left with front office. Applicant will be contacted to complete ride along once approved.
Ride Along Forms

Other Forms:
Bicycle Registration Form
K9 Request for Demo
Offender Watch Express