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           Brad Horrocks                            Sonja Norton                           John Laursen
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The County Commission Office is the office of the three elected County Commissioners, who are the executive and legislative governing body for Uintah County. The Board of Commissioners exercise supervisory control over all functions of the executive branch of county government and supervise and coordinate control over all departments and its employees. They set, maintain, and regulate the budget for the county, including all departments. They appoint, suspend and remove the directors of county departments and appointive officers of boards and commissions.

Some of the other duties of the Commissioners include: hold weekly public meetings, attending meetings, and sitting on boards with other agencies and organizations and governing bodies. They establish ordinances (the laws of the county), resolutions, and agreements for the county and exercise administrative and auditing control over all funds and assets of the county. The Commissioners develop systems and procedures for planning, programming, budgeting and accounting for all activities of the county. They direct and organize management of the county and review, negotiate, approve and execute contracts.

You are welcome to come by their office to meet with the Commissioners during regular office hours Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM or call to make an appointment (435) 781-5380. To contact the Commission via email